Monday, October 17, 2011

Things I have been thinking about....

1. OLIVE GARDEN: Okay seriously..... I have told like 30+ people about how I want/need to go to Olive Garden soon, or else I might die and guess what?! No one got the hint. Olive Garden is not a place I can just go by myself too! And I most definitively cannot get take out!!!! How else would I be able to make them refill the little bread stick basket 4 times?! People do you have any heart at all!!!

2. WORK: I theorize that there is a group of people at work called the "NFK", the No Fun Klan, and this klan has decided that I cause too much of a disturbance in my wing, thus I shall be exiled to another building. Don't get me wrong, this other building has a lot more stuff for me to play, but I can't help but wonder if this is some sort of bigger plot to try and break my spirit. Case in point: I expertly arranged my samples on Friday so that they would be easy to find on Monday. Well.... someone decided to take half of my samples and hid them. So now I have to stay an extra 2 days over there to try and figure out what to do. PLUS: I know someone from the NFK is getting into my chocolate stash back at the office. I know who you are....

3. SHERLOCK HOLMES, EH?! I have just figured out that I make my life more complicated by refusing to ask people easy questions in order so that I can utilize my "detective skills" in order to figure out the answer. This has never actually worked in my favor, however, because the other person usually becomes suspicious when I start vanishing and reappearing constantly for weeks. They are usually like "Hey dude, you are being WAY shady... what's up?" and of course I can't tell them that I am actually trying to figure out something stupid so I usually reply with "Shady?! Me??? Never..... just been really busy with thesis/work/plotting evil schemes/baking/reading a book/trying to figure out why that Jersey Shore show is still popular?" And so goes the vicious cycle until I figure out the answer/give up.

4. ADULT TOPICS: Since I am technically an "adult" I often ponder about these topics: How come Mrs. Fields cookies taste so much better then Great American Cookies? What is it about the word "pumpkin" that automatically makes me think about cuddly kittens on top of fluffy rainbows with chocolate sprinkles? Why does guacamole always taste better with a margarita? Why is it not acceptable to wear a sweatband around your head at work? Why can't Olive Garden have a drive thru like McDonalds? Why is the color brown even a color?

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